Q1. What is the duration of the Pre-School program ?
The Euro Kids emphasis on a one year in one class, no child is promoted to the next class in between the session. It is 6 days a week with holiday on the 1st Sunday. The duration of each class a day is for 4 and ½ hrs, where the children learn, discover, their meals, play and interact.
Q2. Do pre school provide transportation to its students ?
Yes, normally all pre schools provide transportation to their students, but the important aspects is to ensure safe mode of transportation. Euro kids, Tangal and Bansbari has vans which is being used as mode of transport, where the children are accompanied by sister and they are provided with the pick and drop signature register with photograph of the receiving person for the students. It is a door to door pick and drop of the children.
Q3. Are food/snacks served at the Preschool ?
Yes, the Euro kids, Tangal and Bansbari, gives the children breakfast, lunch and snacks. We are guided by a dietician and the menu is revised time to time .We also accept suggestions from parents to provide good and healthy food. The items used for cooking are strictly supervised and parents are welcome to check on the food if they are anxious about the food intake of their children.
Q4. How do I know about my child’s progress at the pre school ?
At Euro kids Tangal and Bansbari, we emphasize on the Parents participation for the Parents Teacher Meetings. We hold these meetings quarterly and discuss the progress of every child. Month-end letters and monthly syllabus are provided to the parents to keep an update of the child’s learning in our school. Our feedback to parents is based on class performance, evaluation and observation. The subjects are evaluated on specific competencies. We also conduct parents teacher workshop from time to time.